IRR MIDLANDS - Instant Road Repairs Midlands Cold - mix , cold lay asphalt - Pot hole repairs South Africa Durban Gauteng Cape Town

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Comparison with Hot Asphalt

  • Minimal disruption to traffic flows

  • Repairs carried out using a brush and hand tamper

  • Repairs require minimal preparation

  • No Waste

  • Can be used in all weather conditions

  • Can be used in all seasons

  • Has a long shelf life 6 - 8 months

  • Traffic back to normal in seconds

Hot Asphalt
  • Traffic disruption from large machinery

  • Extensive and Expensive specialised equipment is required

  • Preparation required including tack coats

  • Potential for waste

  • Repairs are more difficult in cold weather

  • Not readily available during winter months

  • Labour intensive

  • No shelve life

  • Harmful emmission to the enviroment

  • Heat need to prepare and lay increasing carbon footprint.

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