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Comapny Profile

Instant Road Repairs Midlands
(IRR Midlands)
has bee established for the express purpose of expanding the global network of EMCOL into South Africa. Tiny Draper founded EMCOL in the UK in 1976. During the early years of its existence EMCOL has perfected IRR and effectively introducted into the UK market. IRR with its unique properties of being a permanent road repair system that is compatible with any substrate as well as being tolerant to a wide variety of weather conditions, instantly trafficable, environmentally friendly and easy to use, made it the success it is today.

During the next decade EMCOL further developed its products. The next phase was to increase the market base. A network of manufacturers of IRR (instant road repairs) was established in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan and China amongst others. In 1992 EMCOL joined the global chemical giant Catomance, which further strengthened its global position.

More recently after the fall of the Iron Curtain the network was expanded into a number of the former East Bloc countries, with great success. Almost simultaneously the network aslo reaches the Middle East and Africa, with the Exception of Southern Africa.

The product range has also been expanded, from the specialised repair systems that started it all, the range has grown to colured surfaces for racing tracks, high adhesion surfaces and Hydrocarbon resistant surfacing that has found use at Airports, Harbours and Transport Yards.

As South Africa remained one of the few untapped markets for EMCOL, it has become a priority to effectively include this region into the global network. This unique product's properties, ease of use being one of the key features opens a whole new spectrum of road maintenance. Besides for the unique properties of IRR, Catomance - EMCOL and its network of agents and licensees, ensures tht the product is manufactured to ISO 9000 standards.

Thus farthe product has been approved by a number of road authorities the
World over. the British Board of Agrements under the Highways Authority Product Approval Scheme (HAPAS) being one of the more noteworthy.

Instant Road Repairs Midlands manufactures the IRR compound in Kwa-Zulu Natal, where the head office and pilot production plant is situated. For Economics and convenience, further manufacturing plants are planned in a number of locations throughout South Afirca.

Technical representatives of Catomance - EMCOL UK, and local technical experts are carefully monitoring the operation. This is done to ensure that the standard that has been attained over the years is not compromised in any way. The sophisticated formulation of IRR makes it as user friendly and robust as it has proven to be.

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