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IRR MIDLANDS Introduces Emcol IRR

Emcol IRR : Cold-mix, cold-lay asphalt

Emcol IRR is a blend of specially formulated bitumen, performance additives and carefully graded aggregates. This bitumen, binder, Emcol Mixing Liquid (EML), gives Emcol IRR its unique performance characteristics. EML is a formulation of special bitumens, resins, antistripping agents and several additional ingredients, deails of which are not disclosed to any other parties.

Emcol IRR is a cold-mix, cold-lay technology that offers significant advantages over traditional methods such as hot asphalt, or alternative repair compounds like bitumen emulsion.

Using Emcol IRR requires minimal preparation. There is no need for any mixing, priming or over sealing. Simply brush water and loose debris from the pothole, apply IRR direct from the container and compact. This means that repairs are quick and open to traffic immediately.

Unlike traditional methods, Emcol is a resource efficient solution to pothole repair, with no need for a large pool of labour, heavy equipment, lorries or even a paving roller. This makes Emcol the first choice for sustainable maintenance of roads and highways.

Emcol IRR can be used in all weather conditions, even in wet conditions or below freezing temperatures. This means tht repairs can be carried out all year round, in particular during the winter season where its need most.

The performance characteristics of Emcol IRR and its cost advantages have made our product the preferred choice in over 20 international markets.

Emcol IRR is usually produced in two variants - Fine Grade and Standard Grade. In Fine Grade the largest aggregate is 3mm and the product is used to repair holes over 5mm in depth and/or where a smooth, tight finish is required. The largest aggregate in Standard Grade is 6mm and the product is used for repairs over 10mm in depth.

Emcol IRR is black in colour. It is typically supplied in 25kg buckets. If product is left over, it can be stored in these buckets, eliminating waste. IRR can also be made available in sacks.

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